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Sandboxed applications for GNOME

Application sandboxing is a subject that I am passionate about. In recent months I have been involved in a design initiative to plan out how sandboxed applications would work on GNOME, and I gave a talk on this subject at … Continue reading

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In praise of Jim Hall

At the beginning of this year, Jon was contacted by someone who was interested in doing user testing on GNOME. This person said that he wanted to promote usability in open source software, and had research experience. His name was … Continue reading

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A notifications update

A couple of weeks ago I posted about ongoing work to redesign notifications in GNOME 3. Since then, the redesign has moved on a fair bit, so I thought that an update was in order. My previous post also generated … Continue reading

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Notify me

Over the past several GNOME releases, we have been aiming to stabilise GNOME Shell as much as possible. We have been largely successful in this: the last major UI change was in 3.10, when we introduced the combined system status … Continue reading

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Looking Forward to 3.12

I usually do a review of what is coming in the run up to a release. However, there have been so many blog posts about 3.12 already that I don’t feel I need to go over individual features. If you … Continue reading

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Popovers & You

GTK+ has been getting some really nice new features in recent times. Over the past few releases the list new of widgets has come to include things like ListBoxes and FlowBoxes, stacks and stack switchers, revealers and header bars. Now, … Continue reading

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Help Me! (Yet another docs hackfest blog post.)

Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried to sit down and do some work with the awesome GNOME docs team on a number of occasions, but something always seemed to get in the way. So I was really happy … Continue reading

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Nautilus Next

Nowadays, digital content is all about the cloud. Indeed, in GNOME we’ve been pushing to integrate with cloud-based content through our new content apps, like Documents, Photos, Music and Videos. This is important work and needs to continue. However, local … Continue reading

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