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Telling GNOME’s Story

The 2013 GNOME Marketing hackfest finished yesterday. We did many things over the course of the three day event: we updated the design of the website, discussed new outreach initiatives and planned how to clean up the marketing wiki pages. … Continue reading

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GNOME.Asia 2013

I just got back from a great trip to Seoul for this year’s GNOME.Asia conference. This was the third GNOME.Asia that I’ve attended, having been to Hong Kong last year and Bangalore before that. The conference was a two day … Continue reading

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Design Goings On

The GNOME 3.8 release kept me pretty busy. In the run up to UI freeze I was focusing on tracking bugs, providing guidance and testing. Then it was marketing time, and I was spending all my time writing the release … Continue reading

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3.8 is out!

It’s that time again: 3.8, the latest GNOME release, has just gone out of the door. This is the strongest release of the 3.x series, in my opinion. We’ve not just got a lot of really nice features, like the … Continue reading

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Taking GNOME 3 to the next level (again)

GNOME 3 is making major progress with each and every release. Six months ago, when 3.6 was close to release, I wrote about how excited I was about the improvements that were on their way. That release was a big … Continue reading

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DX Hackfest: Developer Documentation

The GNOME Developer Experience hackfest wrapped up a couple of days ago. It was definitely one of the best GNOME hackfests that I have attended. There were lots of people there with diverse affiliations (Canonical, Suse, Lanedo, Collabora, Red Hat, … Continue reading

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Those of us who work on GNOME design have been busy with all kinds of things recently. One major area of activity has been settings (aka System Settings, aka GNOME Control Center). In total, we have produced designs for four … Continue reading

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Give a detail this Christmas

When I last posted about Every Detail Matters, 27 detail bugs had been fixed by 9 contributors. About two and a half months later, 43 bugs have been fixed by a total of 12 contributors. We’ve made impressive progress, and … Continue reading

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