LGM 2013


I just got back from Madrid, where I attended this year’s Libre Graphics Meeting.

LGM is a great chance to meet with other designers working in the open, and this year’s event was no exception. There were lots of great talks, including some from really interesting speakers, and I really enjoyed and valued the diversity of the topics that were discussed, which mixed Free Software technology, artistic and design practice, as well as academic thinking. Highlights for me included Ben Martin and Dave Crossland’s “Fonts of Doom”, Chris Kelty’s “The Internet and its Parasites: Freedom and Participation” and our own Jakub Steiner’s “Localized Animation with Blender”.

This year’s LGM was a big success. The venue – Medialab Prado – was fantastic, and there was also a good level of participation; Madrid seems like a place where there is a lot of interest in libre graphics. If this year’s LGM is anything to go by, open graphics and design are in good shape. It was rewarding to participate in a general event around free graphics and design, something which I hope that the GNOME project can contribute towards.

Big thanks to the conference organisers, Medialab Prado for being such a great host, and to Red Hat for allowing me to attend.

[Credit: thanks to Jakub for the photo]

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