3.8 is out!


It’s that time again: 3.8, the latest GNOME release, has just gone out of the door.

This is the strongest release of the 3.x series, in my opinion. We’ve not just got a lot of really nice features, like the new application view, the updated window selector and the new Clocks app. There’s also major technical accomplishments, like Owen’s frame sync work, Jasper’s pointer barriers and Web’s switch to WebKit2. Many of the existing applications have also received some very nice enhancements.

Go read the release notes, if you haven’t already: they’re pretty impressive.

As ever, this release is the result of the hard work and dedication of everyone who contributed, and I know that some people really pushed hard to make this release as good as it is. To all of you: thank you. I continue to be blown away by the dedication of the GNOME community.

Now, roll on GNOME 3.10!

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6 Responses to 3.8 is out!

  1. Ben says:

    Next stop, Wayland?

  2. mrericsir says:

    Congrats everyone! From what I’ve seen so far, Gnome 3 is feeling polished and ready to rock with this release.

  3. eyome says:

    Cool ! Thank you guys and girls 🙂
    One month and it will be available on Arch \o/
    Great THANKS specially for Gnome-boxes 🙂

  4. lsatenstein says:

    I will wait until a distribution is available with Gnome3.8 to test drive it.

    I am really keen to see if I get get things done with much fewer left finger mouse clicks.
    Gnome 3.6 and 3.7 were painful to use. If I can go from 4 mouse clicks to one to launch a frequent application, I will be thrilled and will praise and promote 3.8.

  5. Would be very nice to have it in Arch in only one month. (o:

  6. John Penniston says:

    This release is huge, alot more stable. Like it more I use it. Love the extensions that the tweak tool can get. More configurability is a plus. I did not like it in the past but now this is a big plus to get me to finally having my gnome back 🙂

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