Announcing Every Detail Matters, Round 2

Details matter. Small aspects of a user interface make a huge difference. Get them right, and the experience becomes beautiful, satisfying and easy. Get them wrong, and it can be clunky, awkward and ugly. It’s only by paying attention to the details that we can raise the quality of the GNOME 3 user experience and make it fantastic.

Every Detail Matters was first run in the GNOME 3.4 development cycle, with the aim of getting the details right. We assembled an awesome crew of contributors who fixed, polished and enhanced the GNOME 3 experience, and who made a big difference to the quality of the 3.4 release.

Now Every Detail Matters is back. We’re going to be working hard through the 3.8 cycle to improve as many details as possible. Together, we’re aiming to make GNOME 3.8 the most polished version yet.

Every Detail Matters is a really good opportunity to make a contribution to GNOME. For the 3.8 cycle, we are targeting a whole range of bugs. Some are easy and good for beginners, and some are a bit trickier and will need a more experienced hand to fix. There’s something in there for everyone. If you fix just one bug, you can make a real difference to GNOME 3.

There’s a list of bugs that we are targetting on the Every Detail Matters wiki page. Thanks to the efforts of our developers, a bunch of them have already been fixed while I have been putting the list together. But we want to fix more of them. Like last time, we are aiming to resolve 20 of these issues before the end of the cycle.

We’re monitoring the Every Detail Matters bugs, and we’ll make sure that you get feedback and code review as fast as possible. So, pick a bug, and get hacking!

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5 Responses to Announcing Every Detail Matters, Round 2

  1. Donald says:

    I really hope workspace reordering will land in the next release. Great initiative!

  2. Stiph says:

    After dwelling with extensions and getting familiar with gnome-shell / gjs / mutter, I thought I could help a bit on various easy fixes, but for this second round, I almost only see very hard to fix details and most of them are already being tackled (“incomplete”, “in progress”, etc.) or without strong concensus on what to do (I will not list the particular issues but there are a lot).

    I think this is clearly the type of initiative that can attract new contributors, and I really appreciated the first round but this one seems it will not fulfill that purpose 😦

    • Allan says:

      Hey Stiph, thanks for the feedback – that’s really useful. I’ve tried to include as many easy bugs as I can, but it might be that a lot of those have already been fixed. I’ll also definitely check to make sure that any lack of clarity over fixes is cleared up.

      Please feel free to mail me with any bugs that you’d like to tackle but are unsure about.

  3. Francisco says:

    This issue should be included IMO:

  4. Hi Allan,
    Here is a small detail that matters πŸ™‚ When there are more than 1 notification grouped (for example, 4 selinux notifications), when clicking ‘ignore’, the dialog closes. It would be nice to not close it so the user can dismiss all the notifications in that group. Easy, isn’t it?


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