GNOME marketing contract: final report

My marketing contract with the GNOME Foundation finished last week. The final weeks of the contract gave me the opportunity to work on some more general marketing tasks that I didn’t have chance to in the run up to the release itself. So, in the final weeks of the contract, I…

  • Wrote a short news post about 3.2 feature planning
  • Improved the GNOME Facebook page: I fixed some issues with the profile picture, rewrote the info section and hooked up the GNOME Twitter feed
  • Updated a decent amount of material on
  • Wrote some new content for our brand guidelines and discussed consolidating our trade mark guidelines
  • Updated and cleaned up the marketing wiki pages
  • Selected the GNOME 3 photo competition shortlist and contacted entrants about licensing their images so we can redistribute them. We’ve had lots of great entries, and we should hopefully be announcing a winner soon!
  • Started putting a printable GNOME 3 cheat sheet together

Just because the contract has ended doesn’t mean I’ll be stopping doing GNOME marketing work of course, and many of these activities will be concluded in the weeks and (dare I say it) months to come.

I’d like to thank the GNOME Foundation once again for giving me the opportunity to work so closely on the 3.0 release. It was a memorable experience.

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