Bangalore wrap-up

GNOME Asia banner photograph

We had some laughs. We ate some ice cream. We worked real real hard.

The final two days of the hackfest are a bit of a blur, largely because I was either frantically working on the release notes or being ill. All in all, the hackfest to be a really useful event though, primarily because it gave me an opportunity to have some in depth conversations with people about our marketing messaging. It can be difficult to do this remotely and it was particularly helpful to be able to develop concepts for the content in a rapid fashion.

Then it was GNOME.Asia. I can’t emphasise enough how hard the GNOME.Asia team have worked, nor what a good job they did. There were some great talks, including an entertaining analysis of the Cricket World Cup by Vincent. Chandni‘s presentation also stood out. It was great to hear a talk from an enthusiastic new contributor, as well as to see the Women’s Outreach Program getting the attention it deserves.

Another of the great things about GNOME.Asia was the enthusiasm of the attendees: I had quite a few conversations with eager students asking about how they could contribute. I hope our friends in Bangalore had a fantastic GNOME 3 release party.

Thanks again to the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my attendance.

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  1. zenwalker says:

    Yes alan, what you said is really true. I had a ball there, seeing all genius minds and listening 2 great talks from folks. The opening traditional dance organized was amazing, truly admiring our culture and respecting it. Every one did a great job.

    Sadly, i had to miss Chandnis and lightning talks at the end though. Apart form that, the event went amazing. And i hope Gnome gain more success.

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