GNOME 3 Heroes

GNOME 3 is an incredible achievement. Looking back to that first announcement in 2008, I don’t think any of us would have quite imagined how much the project would accomplish with a new dot oh release. Everyone can feel very proud indeed.

This release was a community-wide achievement. But communities are made up of individuals, and 3.0 was released in the shape it was because of the effort and sacrifice made by those individuals. Time and again, the people working on GNOME 3 went far beyond the call of duty to perform acts of heroism. When something broke, someone would step up and fix it. When something needed doing, someone would make sure that it got done. There were plenty of late nights and quite a few early mornings too.

There are too many GNOME 3 heroes for me to be able to list them all. I did observe many acts of heroism during this release though. So I’m going to go with what I know. These are the people who I observed being heroes: the people who did what it took to make the release a success. If you think there’s someone I’ve missed, you can write your own GNOME heroes post. 🙂

William Jon McCann

I never cease to be impressed by Jon’s tireless energy and dedication to the GNOME project. The amount of effort he put into this release is staggering. Not only did he do the work of a whole team of designers, leading both the shell and system settings design effort, but he was also often doing development work too. He pushed himself to the limit on more than one occasion to make sure that critical tasks were taken care of.

Jakub Steiner

Jimmac joined Red Hat in July last year saying that he wanted to spend more time on upstream work. He certainly got his wish. When it comes to GNOME 3’s visual appearance, there’s seemingly nothing that he hasn’t had a major impact upon. When there were problems with the new font, it was Jimmac who took them on. When we needed new wallpapers, Jimmac created them. It is largely thanks to his work that 3.0 looks so beautiful.

Florian Müllner

Florian started as a volunteer working on the shell, but his enthusiasm and hard work quickly got him the recognition he deserved. He was hired by Red Hat and played a major role making the GNOME 3 desktop what it is. Florian displayed an uncanny ability to implement the shell designs. You always knew that if he took on a task, it would be done with amazing quality.

Cosimo Cecchi

If there was something that needed doing, Cosimo was there making sure that it got taken care of. When things weren’t building well, it was Cosimo who stepped up and helped get things running smoothly, and it was Cosimo who did such a good job getting the new Adwaita theme in shape. Not content merely porting Nautilus to the new platform, he also did the vast majority of Nautilus redesign implementation.

Andreas Nilsson

I don’t know how GNOME would get by without Andreas. He does so many tasks which I suspect wouldn’t get done otherwise. It was Andreas who got the site up and running, and it was him who pushed our new site forward (Vinicius Depizzol has been a hero there, too), despite it seeming like it would never get finished. Then there were the t-shirt designs, party goodies and dvd sleeves, as well as UI design and icon work.

Jason Clinton

Anybody who has seen the awesome GNOME 3 videos will be aware of Jason’s work this release. Producing video content of this quality takes a lot of time and effort, but Jason produced them in his own time, often when he was busy with other things. The videos were a huge boost for our marketing campaign.

There are so many other people that who are on my GNOME 3 hero list too: Frédéric Péters, Owen Taylor, Lapo ‘the icon machine’ Calamandrei, Bastien ‘bluetooth panel in a night’ Nocera, Vinicius Depizzol, Richard Hughes, Christer Edwards, Olav Vitters, André Klapper, Pockey Lam, Fred Muller… and these are just the start. And, of course, special mention has to be made of Vincent Untz for helping to make the whole thing happen.

These are my GNOME 3 heroes. Who are yours?

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6 Responses to GNOME 3 Heroes

  1. Juanjo Marin says:

    All this people and _even more people_ are GNOME heroes for me too. I want to mention the thick skin of William Jon McCann. I think it is quite hard to be inmune to crazy criticism and and the same time be open to debate.

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  3. My GNOME hero is Allan Day.

  4. You missed owen. He also does stuff in the sysadmin team when he isn’t hacking away on shell like a monkey.

    • Allan says:

      I am in no doubt that I didn’t give Owen the attention he deserves. I just don’t know the precise details. I’d love it if someone wrote about what he has done for the release.

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