GNOME 3 Hackfest, Day One

Things got off to a good start today here in Bangalore. We left early in a (failed) attempt to beat the ever-present traffic, and were greeted with a warm welcome at the Intel office which is hosting us for the beginning of the week. The 16 of us who were present set out a long list of tasks for the week.

We have three release team members present. They have told us that they, assisted by Ryan Lortie, will be doing ‘release team things’. The rest of us are mainly busy with marketing and GNOME.Asia organisation. Our websites are a particular focus for the marketing work. Andreas has already added Jason’s first GNOME 3 video to as well as a countdown timer. We’re also going to be doing a lot of work on the new We’ll keep you posted as the changes roll in.

The GNOME.Asia organising team are doing an incredible job. Attendance looks set to be extremely high and the training sessions that have been organised are also proving to be popular. They have been busy today getting the final aspects of the conference in place. It should be a great event.

Big thanks to Bharath, Pockey, Srini, Fred and everyone else who have been working so hard to make the hackfest run so smoothly. And many thanks to the GNOME Foundation for allowing me to participate.

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1 Response to GNOME 3 Hackfest, Day One

  1. nick says:

    I’m excited for gnome 3. Everything is looking great!

    Regarding the “Snap”esque feature featured at the end of the video:
    This is a nice feature in windows, and it looks nice in gnome 3.
    It could be a lot better in windows; it should be a lot better in gnome 3!
    After snapping two(or more) windows to screen edges, one should be able to drag any common window edge and resize all windows which share that edge.

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