GNOME marketing contract: week 3

Last week, most of my contract time was taken up with two big tasks. I wrote a history of the GNOME 3 design for a press query, and I also wrote the first draft of the release notes (woo hoo!) That draft will be going off to various people for feedback and fact checking very soon.

There’s a huge amount of marketing work that needs doing right now, and I took care of many other things, including writing content for the new, working with Sumana to draw up a procedure for responding to press queries, tweeting and denting, liaising with press contacts, and general running around.

Main tasks for this week: getting the release notes into tip top shape, drafting more content, preparing for (and flying to) Bangalore. đŸ™‚

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  1. James Cape says:

    Have you considered doing a podcast after G3 — interview a different module maintainer to find out what’s new, what’s planned for 3.X, etc.?

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