My wife loves GNOME 3

I stumbled across this blog post about GNOME 3 last night, and I really wanted to share it. I’d definitely recommend it if you are interested in GNOME 3 (even though I’m not exactly bowled over by the 1950s wife-at-home imagery). It is just one example of the positive feedback people are giving GNOME 3.

The post shows what a compelling product GNOME 3 is. ‘Is it a new OS? It looks cool!’, the (non-techie but experienced computer using) wife of the post’s author exclaims. He goes on to explain how: ‘I gave her the machine to try, expecting complaints. She surprised me again – she was already logged into Facebook and was watching a video about Japan. She shared it with her friends and started talking about the situation.’

The moral of the story? ‘[W]e, the so called tech-savvy users, may fight, argue, and create mountain[s] out of mole [hills.] [O]rdinary users don’t care. They just need something that works. And when you hear “wow, that’s cool” from an ordinary user, it means a lot.’

I couldn’t agree more. That isn’t to say that GNOME 3 is just for non-technical users. Far from it: it has plenty of depth and some great power-user features (I get frustrated that GNOME 2 is slower than GNOME 3; I mean, seriously… nested menus?!) What this post shows is that GNOME 3 it is an extremely attractive product and, if you approach it with an open mind, it works.

Thanks for the great post, Swapnil.

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3 Responses to My wife loves GNOME 3

  1. Leroy VonFalderstein says:

    The frustrating thing isn’t Gnome 3 itself. I switched back to WindowMaker, which I probably should have done years ago, and it’s just as easy for everybody else that doesn’t like Gnome 3 to do the same. The frustration, at least on my part, is the “well, this is where technology is going so we might as well get used to it” and “just live with it” attitudes that seem rampant among gnome-shell supporters. If the GNU/Linux community is turning into a bunch of defeatists who just accept whatever Owen Taylor, Mark Shuttleworth et. al. are handing them, then within the community there is no hope.

    • Allan says:

      Hi Leroy,

      I’m not sure how you have got that impression of the GNOME Shell developers. Their point of view is, I think: ‘we’ve put a lot of effort into making a product which we believe in’.

      Nobody expects the FOSS community to be defeatist. GNOME is an open project. Anybody can participate (as I have done as a volunteer), and we’ve actually worked really hard to make it possible for people to get involved in determining the direction of the release.

  2. Rene Dohan says:

    Gnome 3 is COOL 🙂 I LOVE IT !!! And I really am technical user , professional developer … Rethink user interface is sure way to go , I hate when somebody say that you are reinventing the wheel , you sure are , you are improving the wheel …

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