GNOME marketing contract: week 2

Busy week last week. Lots of planning activities.

  • Corresponded with a number of people about screencasts and videos. Had a number of discussions about distribution.
  • Added more items to the GNOME 3 marketing tasks page.
  • More work on the release notes – added material on the notes, pestered developers for information.
  • Poked at the GNOME 3 porting guide.
  • Helped out with a  press inquiry. Did my best to give Sri information to deal with one of them and gave some feedback on his response.
  • Had a good planning session with Sumana and Paul. There’s a lot to do: we need to spread the work around.
  • Attended the GNOME foundation meeting.
  • Met with Andreas to plan the new Made some decisions about the main structure and page content. Really looking forward to the new site!
  • Updated the user days organisation page with notes from the first event . Will hopefully mean we can perfect the formula for future events.
  • Made inquiries about having nice licensing for the content on GNOME websites.
  • Attended the release team blockers meeting on Thursday night.

The priory for this week is going to be getting the first draft of the release notes finished.

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  1. Stormy says:

    Thanks for the update and all the hard work!

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