GNOME marketing contract: week 1

For those who haven’t heard, the GNOME Foundation has awarded short term contracts to me and the awesome Sumana Harihareswara to work part-time on GNOME 3 marketing. This is great news, since it means that we’ll be able to do more to promote this amazing release of ours. Personally speaking, I’m also extremely excited to be able to spend more time contributing to my favourite FOSS project. 🙂

I posted this report of my first week’s work to the marketing list, and the ever-sage Stormy suggested that I should blog it. So, here it is: my first week working for GNOME (there’s a bunch of other stuff that I did in my own time, I might add):

  • Wrote to the marketing list about plans for the release notes and roadmap.
  • Started working on the 3.0 release notes. There’s lots to write about!
  • Fixed some problems with and updated some information on the site.
  • Collected information on how the main distros will be shipping 3.0 – we need this for various marketing activities, including Had some good conversations with people from the relevant distros and got some good information. (Jorge Castro updated the instructions for installing GNOME 3 on Ubuntu, btw – thanks Jorge!) Fed the distribution information back to the marketing list.
  • Chased some people to check on the developer migration documentation situation (this is something that came up as a priority for distributors). Turns out that there is some good documentation already and an excellent porting checklist that has been written by Javier Jardon. I moved that to a more prominent place so that we can build on it in the future.
  • Did a big cleanup of the marketing tasks page. We can hopefully use this page to pool GNOME 3 marketing tasks that we want to advertise to volunteers. I’ve put some items on there – check it out! (Feel free to add tasks too.)
  • Created up to date screenshots and a new ‘alpha’ (now ‘beta’) banner for Updated the web site with the new material.
  • Updated the GNOME 3 marketing schedule with some items that have come up during the week.

That’s it! Stay tuned for next week’s exciting installment…

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