The first GNOME 3 User Day

Photo by tecrekka @ Flickr

The first GNOME 3 User Day was held last week. Thanks to everyone who helped out, the event was a real success. Enthusiastic GNOME users from all over the world packed into the #gnome IRC channel to discuss the new release and to ask questions. Attendance was excellent, to the extent that it was almost too busy to keep track of the conversation at times.

The mood at the User Day was of enthusiasm and excitement. There are a huge number of committed GNOME users out there, and the day proved just how much good will our project enjoys. The User Day also demonstrated how much interest there is in GNOME 3. A huge number of questions were asked about our new release, covering everything from design to translation and packaging. It was great give our users an opportunity to make contact with the project and to participate in the run up to the new release.

It would be wonderful to be able to run more events like this in the future. Please get in touch if you would like to help with a GNOME User Day: it’s a worthwhile activity, and it only takes an hour.

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  1. Sidnei says:

    I think that you should post images in according with the article posted. If you write about the Gnome 3, why to post a image with birds flying? Shouldn’t be an image of the Gnome3 interface?

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